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Prince Crescendo from Eternal Sonata

Photography by Ian B


Why would you suggest such a thing?

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How can it be? I want to draw and don’t want -___-

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Anonymous said:
Heyyyyyyy what's you porn blog URL friend?

(( Who said I had a porn blog? Nobody said I had a porn blog? 8D;;;


Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Fubar swimsuit ver.

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Eren & Jean (Muscle version) in Hangeki no Tsubasa!

Oh my…

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Anonymous said:
Say, a friend told me you had a porn blog, is this true? Im sorta curious about the content, can you link me to it? B)



we don’t talk about my porn blog….

lovely con people appreciation post


I wanted to do kind of a shout out thingy for all the lovely people I met at manchester mcm so here it is^-^

dont-lose-your-unicorn (Lucy) - an adorable Eren cosplayer who walked around with us on the Saturday, she was sooooooooo lovely and WE NEED TO MEET AGAIN OKOK

willowdesu (Beth) - lovely Mirai cosplayer who we met on the first day who knew who I was from tumblr and i’d been looking for her. Her cosplay was perfect and we took selfies, it was great^-^

sherriff-emma-swan (Becky) and your friend, Ellie (idk her tumblr url or if she has tumblr, i’m sorryyyy)- very very lovely people who made my friend very happy so thank you for that also your Emma Swan cosplay was great okok

levisdeadsquad - a really great Hanji cosplayer who arranged the meet up on the first day and was super lovely~

thetinyredpanda - precious sasha cosplayer who was at the Sunday meet up and was rly adorable okok

squad-leaderhanji (Charlotte) - one of the nicest people i’ve ever met omg, she ran off her stall to take a picture of us and then realised it was me and we squealed and hugged, it was so cute ahhh~

papandahiro (Claudia) - adorable Armin cosplayer who we spoke to on the Sunday and we took cute pictures and selfies together and she was super lovely okok (also a little boy’s dad asked if we’d take pictures with the little boy and he was super shy and his dad said he was ‘the biggest attack on titan fan ever’ it was a rly cute experience)

indie-arrow - another super cute Armin cosplayer, we met briefly at the Sunday meet up and she was adorable okok awaww

notgotahorseface (and your friend who cosplayed as erwin) - really lovely people who’s cosplays were brilliant and we looked crap compared to them okok wow

also everyone who let me take photos of their cosplays, everyone who took pictures of me and everyone who was at the snk meet ups, thank you for making the con awesome for me^-^

~Megan x

(this is the last mcm thingy i’ll post I think hahaa)

'we looked crap compared to them okok wow'

Oh God pleaseno. That’s really not true. You looked incredible ;u; It was so great to meet you! We need to meet up again if you go to any other events this/next year C:


A bit more for punk!Eruri AU and some oral fun

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