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all the halloween snk ideas were taken so i did this… case in point, i didn’t even come up with this, my friend sean did.


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ruhigenein ———> indie gunther shulz rp blog

❖Independent Gunther Shulz RP blog


❖OC Friendly, though prefers those with no prior relations to muse

❖Multiverse and selectively multiship

❖NSFW friendly, mun and muse both 18+

❖Experienced with most formats—from one-liners to multiparagraph to novella

❖Mun is pretty friendly, if a bit of a dweeb

❖Skype available for rampant headcanon storms 

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Hello! You're an amazing Jean rper ))

(( ohgod thank you so much ;u;
I’m so glad people think so~

Usually today would have been one of the rare days he could've slept in, but here he was up at the crack of dawn ready to report for his first day of a month of cleaning duty. Knowing he might as well get it over and done with, he knocked and waited.


Levi was getting rid of the last bits of Halloween ghosts Erwin had strung up about his office when he heard the knock. Convinced it was another recruit hell bent on making his morning a living nightmare, he turned and practically growled at the door. 

"If you’re here for trick or treating, fuck off." 

"Uhh, no sir. Nothing about that."
Looking around the normally spotless office, he noticed the pile of little ghost decorations discarded in the corner. Naturally it had to have bern Erwin’s work; what with the commander seeming to put them up anywhere and everywhere since last night. Well.. everyone needed to have a hobby he supposed and it /was/ nice to see things a little brigher around the place.

"I’m reporting to help with your cleaning squad. Erw- I mean.. The commander should have filled you in about it..?"


actual embarrassment erwin smith. 

I suppose Levi is upset that Erwin is being very forward in public. I guess he is just as happy as everyone else that his forearms are showing??

I don’t have an excuse.

The point of this is that I adore these new outfits and so I wanted to try them out myself. The end. 

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countdown of Erwin’s Birthday~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) October is great!!!

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(( I got it for my birthday. I have a proper laptop for drawing and play but my chromebook is for my writing and travelling with since it is so lightweight and easy to use. I actually really love it but the one thing I wish I could use on it is Skype. But apparently soon they’ll have Adobe products on it so that’s a plus.

(( Google are sending me a new chromebook to replace my broken one.
Should be back online properly in the next few days. ;u;
Lost all my music though and I was going to back it all up before I left for EGX. Oh well. Will have to redownload it all.


i saw this vine months ago and since then i couldn’t stop thinking aboUT JEAN

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I sense there’s something in the wind—-

(edit because i forgot the freckles god dammit)

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